After All These Years We Still Need – 4 Keys to Staying on Mission!

4 Keys to Staying on Mission

After all of these years, it still boils down to communicating and staying on mission!

Before I entered the education field, I spent quite a bit of time in ministry (I’m still a bi-vocational minister). Ministers attend conferences and training just like educators do.  I remember attending a lot of conferences and workshops on the topic of creating a compelling mission and vision statement for myself and my church.

This topic was so drilled in my head that I just assumed everyone realized they needed a shared mission statement to drive what they do and a vision for where they were headed.  I found that this isn’t true!  This isn’t true in education, in most businesses or organizations and even still in ministry.  We might have a mission statement.  It might be nice and compact and easy to remember.  We might have it displayed in a cool graphic form.  But we don’t truly own it.  It is one of those things that we are supposed to do!

The Big Need

If you don’t know what your purpose is or what you’re supposed to be “doing,” then what are you actually accomplishing?  You’re shooting in the dark!  You’re hoping and praying.

Now, hoping and praying isn’t a bad thing. Don’t forget I’m a bi-vocational minister.  The point is that you don’t have to!   When you have a job to do, responsibilities to handle and you are trying to be a person or organization that is making a difference in the world, you can operate from your mission!  You don’t want to leave all your efforts up to happenstance.

No!  If you are part of an organization, there needs to be a driving and compelling mission for you to stay focused on! The employees and the people your organization serves are counting on it!

Who’s Responsible?

You are responsible!  If you’re part of an organization, you are responsible for promoting and pursuing the mission of the organization.  You are not completely responsible, but you are responsible!  Let me say that again…you are responsible for the mission of your organization! Is that clear?

With this said, let me share…

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4 Keys to Staying on Mission!

The Mission Needs to Be Communicated from the Top!

Although everyone is responsible for the mission, if it is not taken seriously from the top, it won’t filter down the organization, it won’t become the “main thing!”  The “boss” needs to be the keeper of the mission, communicating it in everything he/she does.  This is not an option!  The boss needs to stay on point!

The Mission Needs to Be Easy to Remember!

I have seen some mission statements that are half a page long!  I became bored about halfway through it! The mission needs to be easy to remember so that everyone in the organization can recite it and apply it!

The Mission Needs to Be General/Specific!

The mission of the organization needs to be specific enough so that everyone knows what the purpose and direction of the organization is, but it also needs to be generic enough that each department, regardless of its size, can apply it to whatever their specific role is!

The Mission Needs to Be Evaluated!

The mission doesn’t usually change.  But from time to time, the organization needs to reflect on their mission and if they are being successful.  If they are not, they need to figure out why.  If they are successful, is there something that can be tweaked in the mission to make the organization even better?

Action Steps:

Can you recite your mission statement?  If not, go find it, print it out and set it up in a prominent place where you will see it on a daily basis.

Start using the word mission in what you’re doing to build a culture that embraces the stated mission.  For example, “This project really aligns with the mission of our organization.”

Ask your direct supervisor about the mission of the company and how often it comes up in their meetings.

Can you recite your mission statement? If not, go find it, print it out and set it up in a prominent… Click To Tweet