Lifelong Learning – The Wrong Question!


Are you a lifelong learner?  That is the wrong question to ask yourself.  What?!?  Blasphemy!

Instead, the question to ask yourself is “What are you doing with your learning?”

You see, if you are learning and not doing anything with it, then you’re just a filing cabinet.

You see, if you are learning and not doing anything with it, then you're just a filing cabinet. Click To Tweet

A true lifelong learner is applying what they’re learning, making changes to their behavior, adjusting their lives to become better!

Don’t be a filing cabinet!  The world has plenty of those!

What are you doing with your learning?



It’s Your Time! So What?


Your time is precious!  What do you do with it?

You might think that is a silly question.  However, if you aren’t purposeful, if you don’t schedule your time, it will just disappear…like magic!

...if you aren't purposeful, if you don't schedule your time, it will just magic! Click To Tweet

In Time Management Magic, Lee Cockerell writes, “… no one has more than 24 hours in a day…and no one has less that that either.”

Did you get that?  All the great men and women of history and those who are changing the world today, have the same amount of time as you! You can’t make an excuse that you don’t have enough time.  You’re just not managing it right!

It’s time to do something about it!



Personal Growth is Not An Accident

“Personal growth is not an accident!”

Recently I wrote an article entitled, The Educator’s Imperative: Three Ways to Stay Fresh and Invest in Yourself!  In that post, I mentioned that I use podcasts as an intentional part of my personal growth and learning.

Recently, I listened to a podcast that I wanted to pass along to you.  John Maxwell, the leadership guru, was recently on the EntreLeadership Podcast to talk about personal growth.  You can visit the podcast page by CLICKING HERE

There are many gems in this podcast like, “Who do you know that I should know?”

Who do you know that I should know? #leadership #growth #PLN #education Click To Tweet

Podcasts are free and many pack a ton of insight for us to help us grow into the leader we want to become.